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What is a DWI Specialist #2

When arrested for driving under the influence in Fort Worth or Tarrant County, the repercussions can vary based on many variables. It is important to have representation that can provide the top outcome. Hiring the right attorney is important and finding an attorney that specializes in DWI cases is what you want. Fort Worth has, literally, thousands of attorneys. How do you pick the top one while not overpaying? The following information will help you hire the top DWI attorney. There are tips on what to look for but before we give you tips we will start with understanding a little about attorneys.

DWI Specialist

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Criminal Defense Attorney Vs DWI Specialist

A DWI attorney is technically a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney works on multiple types of criminal charges. A DUI or DWI Specialist is a criminal charge; usually, a misdemeanor which is less severe than a felony. Certain criminal defense attorneys specialize in certain sub categories of criminal defense. For example, there are criminal defense attorneys in Fort Worth that specialize in sex crimes or drug trafficking. There are also criminal defense attorneys that specialize in DWIs.

If charged with a DUI or DWI in Fort Worth or Tarrant County, having the right criminal defense attorney that specializes in DWI charges is important. Any criminal defense attorney in Fort Worth can represent you but finding one that specializes in DWI and DUI charges is key. A big mistake would be to hire a family law attorney or estate planning attorney. Stick with a criminal defense attorney.

Attorney Specializing in DWI and DUI

The first thing to understand with finding a DWI attorney is what does “specialize” mean. This can mean a lot of things but we are going to focus especially with reference to DWI attorneys. A specialist means experience, but that is an open-ended statement. Most attorneys do have experience. A lot of criminal defense attorneys actually get their start by working for the District Attorney’s office. This means they work with the attorneys actually prospecting criminals. This is where experience usually starts, but just because an attorney spent time at a District Attorney’s office does not mean they are a specialist. A specialist comes from the volume of cases worked (in this case, the number of DWI and DUI cases worked).

A DWI charge in Tarrant County is a serious charge. Any attorney with a work history can be good, but it takes an attorney with a large volume of DWI case experience to be great. A criminal defense attorney may provide good results but these results may not be the most beneficial/desirable results for the client. Criminal defense attorneys are perfectly capable of representing DWI cases, but an attorney that specializes in DUI/DWI cases should be preferred.

A DWI specialist that represents individuals over and over when charged with a DWI or DUI is invaluable. This does not mean hundreds of cases, this means thousands. With that experience they will understand negotiation strategies that work and have worked over and over. With case volume, a DWI specialist works closer with the prosecution and knows how to top present the case. Oftentimes, you do not even have to go to trial to get a great outcome. Having a busy DWI specialist is what you want. Someone that has lots of cases and seen so much in that specific charge is the ideal candidate to represent you.

Experience in DWI Charges

Often, a DWI specialist will actually work with the District Attorney’s office on overall policy and procedures that will lower charges to, for example, deferred adjudication, as well as get charges expunged from your record. Now you would think if you find a specialist that has this kind of experience that it is going to cost a lot more than a standard criminal defense attorney. In some cases, that can be true. If you think about it though, a DWI specialist should be able to do more in less time than a criminal defense attorney that does not specialize in DUI charges because of repetition.

When looking for a DWI Specialist, remember that is a criminal defense attorney. Find a criminal defense attorney that has the experience in DWI cases. A bad outcome can affect your life forever and it is not worth it to get just any attorney when charged with a DWI or DUI.

Here are some tips to ask a potential Criminal Defense Attorney to see if they truly are a specialist.

How many cases have been DWI cases in the last 3 months?
If an attorney that specializes in DWU or DWI cases has not represented more than 5 cases a month or 15 they most likely are not a specialist. Now there are exceptions like a worldwide pandemic that can change those numbers but overall a specialist is at least taking on 1 to 2 cases a week. In Tarrant county, Fort Worth last weekend there were over 60 arrests for DWI. 1 or 2 a week is really not a lot and a true specialist will be handling at least that much strictly off referrals and references.

How many of your DUI cases go to trial?
This is a trick question. In most cases you want to avoid trial, and get a reduced charge or a plea bargain with the District Attorney’s office. Going to trial can be an option, but often there are better options that can lead to better outcomes than a trial. With that being said, it is very important that a DWI Attorney does have experience in trial.

What does it cost?
Every DWI attorney can charge whatever they would like. Often it seems priceless to make a charge go away. That pricelessness can be upward of $10,000, but that is a very high rate to start off with. Most DUI and DWI charges never go to trial. What that means is there are negotiations made and deals made which happen without going to a courtroom and facing a jury. So why pay a DWI trial rate if that may not be the top thing for you? Every situation is different and to over pay for something that may not be needed is not smart. It is important to remember that fines will also be assessed as well as other fees, often as part of negotiations. So do not pay for a trial unless that is the top option. A good way to hire a DWI attorney in Fort Worth, Tarrant County or really anywhere is to hire them to represent you, and if a trial happens then pay more for that. An experienced DWI attorney should start at $1500 to $2000. Trials should start at $5000, but often the going rate may be $5000 and the DWI expert will say that includes the trial. That is high because 90% of charges never go to trial.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

At Cole Paschall Law, Casey Cole has represented thousands of DUI cases. He typically can handle 30 to 50 a month and has been in practice over 30 years. He is truly an expert in DWI cases in Fort Worth as well as Tarrant county and surrounding counties in North Texas. What separates Casey Cole, the DWI specialist, is that he does not over charge. Often attorneys will charge as much as they are a specialist instead of a fair price. Casey Cole’s office is in Fort Worth and is committed to helping people in a time of need. Going through a DWI can be life changing and Casey Cole will find the top path for you because he has done for so many others. DWI Fee starts at $1500.

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