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Fort Worth Marijuana Crimes Lawyer

Have you been detained or indicted for a cannabis-related crime in Fort Worth, TX? Despite evolving perspectives on marijuana nationally, Texas maintains stringent regulations surrounding its use and distribution. Facing charges for marijuana offenses can be daunting, with consequences that may include significant fines and even imprisonment. It is critical to tackle these charges head-on with a robust defense strategy.

At Cole Paschall Law, we understand the complexities of Texas drug laws and are prepared to defend your rights with vigor and comprehensive legal knowledge. When you’re up against the weight of the criminal justice system, you need a seasoned Fort Worth marijuana crimes lawyer in your corner.

By calling us at 817-477-4100, you take the essential first step towards building a strong defense. Our legal team, led by dedicated attorneys with a wealth of experience in drug-related offenses, will prioritize your case, offering you the personalized attention and aggressive representation you deserve.

From possession and paraphernalia charges to allegations of distribution or cultivation, Cole Paschall Law will meticulously scrutinize every detail of your case. We’re committed to exploring every legal avenue and fighting to protect your future. Don’t let a marijuana charge upend your life – reach out to Cole Paschall Law for a no-cost consultation to discuss your legal options and chart a path forward.

An Overview of Marijuana Crimes in Fort Worth, Texas

It’s no secret that drugs are common in Fort Worth. In one 2018 drug sting, Fort Worth police charged 12 people with the possession and selling of drugs. There are many more individuals on the streets selling and using drugs. A lot of these individuals are using marijuana, which most don’t consider as serious as hard drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines, but is generally treated the same as those drugs. That’s why it’s important to get an attorney that works with all drug crimes, but especially focused on marijuana. Casey Cole is an experienced Fort Worth marijuana attorney that works within the courts and their drug programs, meaning he knows the ins and outs of these types of cases and can help you avoid some of the most serious penalties.

The state takes a strong stance against illegal substances. Therefore, drug crimes are often met with harsh penalties. You could face serious consequences for the possession or sale of drugs. But a Fort Worth marijuana lawyer can make a difference. They may be able to get your charges dismissed or limit your penalty. Cole Paschall Law understands that the Texas judicial system is aggressive when it comes to convicting people for drug crimes. With our experience, we can assist you.

What Are Drug Crimes?

A drug crime is any crime that involves a controlled substance. However, there are many types of drug crimes. 

Possession of a Controlled Substance

Possession is one of the most common drug crimes. This occurs when someone owns, controls, manages, or has custody of an illegal substance or drug. At times, more than one person can be in possession of the drugs. 

Typically, possession charges involve illegal drugs, such as cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. But you can face charges for having prescription medications. This occurs when you don’t have the right prescription for the medication. 

For you to be found guilty of possession, you must be aware of possession. It’s up to the prosecution to prove that you knew you had the drugs and that you meant to have them in your possession. They do not need to prove that you used or intended to use the drugs.

In some cases, the police find drugs in vehicles. This could happen at a traffic accident or during a traffic citation. If the police find drugs in your car, you could face possession charges. Drugs in a large quantity could result in intent to deliver charges. 

The challenge of prosecuting for drugs in vehicles is proving that the driver knew the drugs were present. To successfully convict the driver, the prosecutor needs to show that the driver knew they were there or that the drugs were visible. If a vehicle has multiple passengers, it could be difficult for the prosecutor to prove which passenger was in possession of the controlled substance.

Marijuana Possession

Although some people are allowed to use medical marijuana in Texas, it is still a controlled substance. In fact, the state only allows people who meet strict medical requirements. 

If you don’t have a medical marijuana card, you cannot possess or use the substance. There is a move to decriminalize marijuana use. However, for the time being, it’s a serious crime. It’s important to stay aware of the changing marijuana laws and to comply with them. If you don’t, you may need a Fort Worth marijuana lawyer.

Drug Distribution, Manufacturing, and Trafficking

Possession isn’t the only drug crime. If you are caught with drugs in your possession, there’s a chance you’ll also face charges for the intent to deliver. This crime is sometimes referred to as drug dealing, drug trafficking, or the intent to distribute drugs.

Typically, you will face charges for this crime if you have more than a certain amount of drugs in your possession. The more drugs you have, the more likely it seems that you are interested in selling them.

Drug trafficking charges can be very serious. Depending on your circumstances, the Drug Enforcement Administration or the Federal Bureau of Investigation could get involved. Your case might take place in a federal courtroom, rather than a state court. Unfortunately, this could mean a mandatory minimum sentence and harsher consequences.

The Consequences of Drug Crimes

Any drug-related conviction can have a permanent impact on your life. For one, you can go to prison. Your life will get put on hold until you get out. Once you do your time, your life may never be the same. You could have a lengthy parole or restrictions on your travel. When you apply for jobs, employers could deny you because of your criminal record.

Even finding housing could become a problem. If a prospective tenant runs a background check on you, they could find out about your criminal history.

Jail Time and Drug Crimes

Other crimes, like assault, often result in misdemeanor offenses. But drug crimes are much more likely to be felonies. If you have a prior offense for the delivery of a controlled substance, your latest drug crime will be a felony. As such, you need to serve time in a state jail. Individuals with two prior charges have even harsher consequences. Their third offense is an automatic third-degree felony.

Defending Drug Crime Charges

Not all individuals charged with drug crimes face the charges. If you work with a drug crimes attorney, you can fight the charges. Your case could be dismissed, or your charges reduced.

There are several ways in which your attorney can fight the charges. As mentioned above, your lawyer may be able to argue that it’s impossible to know who was in possession of the drugs. If you were in a vehicle when you were found to be in possession of drugs, the prosecutor might be unable to pin the crime on you.

In other cases, the police never had a reason for conducting a search or traffic stop. For instance, there was one Texas incident in which the police pulled over a driver for crossing onto the shoulder. After pulling over the vehicle, the police found meth in the tire of the van.

However, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals stated that the meth was not admissible evidence. The traffic stop was illegal, which made the arrest also illegal. In Texas, drivers are allowed to cross over the white lines and go onto the shoulder.

There a diversion programs in Tarrant County that could be used to get your case dismissed and help your arrest record be expunged. Attorney Cole is the defense spar spokesman to the district attorney on drug diversion programs.

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Navigating the legal challenges that come with marijuana charges in Texas demands a defense that’s both knowledgeable and strategic. At Cole Paschall Law, we dedicate ourselves to delivering just that for our clients. Our mission is to mount a vigorous defense aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for you, whether that’s dismissal, reduction of charges, or acquittal. No case is too complex for our skilled Fort Worth marijuana crime lawyers.

Law firms differ significantly in their approach and expertise. You deserve a legal team that not only comprehensively understands the intricacies of the Texas criminal justice system but also advocates for you with unyielding tenacity. At Cole Paschall Law, our attorneys are equipped with the insights and determination necessary to navigate these challenging waters and guide you toward regaining stability in your life.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us. By calling 817-477-4100, you can speak directly with a member of our legal team at no initial cost to you. Allow us to leverage our extensive experience and proven track record to your advantage. Contact Cole Paschall Law today, and let’s discuss how we can assist you in this critical moment.

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