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The internet has made life better in many ways, but it’s also opened up a wide array of crimes and criminal charges that didn’t exist prior to its invention. Internet crimes are becoming increasingly common and not all of the ways that you can get into legal trouble online are obvious.

During the past few years, both the Federal and Texas state governments have cracked down on internet crimes. In addition to being stricter about prosecuting crimes, the respective legislatures have passed new legislation. Things that were legal before are now illegal. This can be trouble if you’re not aware of the laws. You might not even realize you are committing crimes. If you find yourself accused of an internet crime, the cards are stacked against you, but you do have rights.

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By working with a Fort Worth internet crime lawyer, you can improve your chances of beating the charges. You don’t need to handle the FBI or local authorities on your own. With the help of Cole Paschall Law, you can fight for a fair outcome. You might even be able to overcome the charges or get a lesser sentence for the crime.

What is an Internet Crime?

Internet crimes come in multiple forms. Typically, the crime involves a misuse of the internet. For instance, the following are common examples of cybercrime:

1. Possession of Child Pornography

This crime involves having visual material of a minor under 18 who is exhibiting any kind of sexual behavior. However, for this to be a crime, you must knowingly or intentionally be in possession of the material.

2. Solicitation of a Minor Online

If you have a sexual conversation online with a minor under the age of 17, you may be guilty of a crime. The same is true of soliciting sexual conduct or sending sexual material to a minor. As long as there is an intent to commit a sexual offense, the situation is considered illegal and there is often a wealth of digital evidence against the accused.

You don’t need to be on a computer to be guilty of this crime. If you have a sexual conversation over email or text messaging, you could also face charges.

3. Online Impersonation

Online impersonation can result in criminal charges. For instance, you cannot use the name of another individual to make a web page. You also can’t send or post social media messages under another person’s name. The same is true of email or text messages.

4. Breaching Computer Security

If you access someone’s computer without their consent, you are committing a crime. According to federal law, you cannot access their computer, network, or computer system without permission.

5. Invasive Visual Recording

The law prohibits you from recording, broadcasting, or sending a visual image of a person in a bathroom or changing room. However, you are allowed to do so with their consent.

6. Interfering with Electronic Access

This internet crime involves stopping or interrupting network or computer system access. Much like with invasive visual recording, this act is only a crime if there is no consent.

7. Data Tampering

By changing data on a computer, network, or system, you could be committing a crime. This crime can only be charged if the tampering is deceptive and done with malicious intent and for no legitimate business purpose. For instance, some individuals tamper with data to introduce ransomware to a computer.

Cole Paschall Law is ready to take on your case. Give us a call today and learn more about why you should work with an attorney.

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What Should You Do if You’re Charged with an Internet Crime?

If law enforcement accuses you of an internet crime, you should immediately contact a lawyer. You should avoid making any statements or signing any paperwork before you speak with an attorney. The things you say and do could hurt your case.

You may be able to beat the charges. Your attorney will review your situation and tell you about your options for defending yourself in court. Here are some possible defenses to the accusations:

  • The crime occurred on a device used by other people
  • Someone hacked your computer
  • There isn’t enough evidence to show you committed the act
  • The police violated your rights by failing to obtain a proper warrant

By working with an attorney, you may be able to beat your charges or get them reduced. A Fort Worth internet crime lawyer can research your case and come up with an effective defense strategy. With the testimony of computer experts and other effective defense strategies, your lawyer can get the charges dismissed or negotiate a plea bargain.

Working with a Fort Worth Internet Crime Lawyer

The crime rate in Fort Worth is 3,776 per every 100,000 people. While not all of the local crimes are internet-related, many are. If you’re one of the many individuals in the area accused or a crime, contact us at Cole Paschall Law. A Fort Worth criminal defense attorney can represent you in your fight for justice.

Cole Paschall Law is ready to take on your case. Give us a call today and learn more about why you should work with an attorney.

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