What Type Of Attorney For DWI Charge Fort Worth

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The government provides an attorney, so you do not have to endanger your life by representing yourself. DWI defendants are notorious for prose because they do not understand that a lawyer is always a better choice. A private drunk driving defense attorney is an even better choice because they have enough experience to navigate the intricate details to give you a slap of the wrist like deep counseling or a training class.

People who fail with prose look back and wish they would have chosen to hire an attorney for optimal results. It would help if you did not have to go through the emotional process of this route when you can sit and wait for a professional who knows what is at stake to help you out.

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How to analyze the background of a DUI lawyer before hiring them

Research their knowledge in the field

DWIThis suggestion is easily the most redundant when looking up tips on hiring a favorable lawyer. Still, it is a crucial piece of getting the best representation. The Internet has made it easy to look up the background of any person, especially the people we entrust with our lives. Here is a quick tip on looking at what type of attorney for a DWI charge in Fort Worth before you hire.

  • Speak to the top DUI lawyers in question and let them understand the specifics of the case so they can arrange a consultation or, at the very least, give you an estimate
  • Check the attorney’s references, which means looking up reviews from their previous clients or using review platforms to get a general feel of their skills.
  • Check the attorney’s awards and industry mentions because it means they have a solid reputation of excellence and will make the best of your case.
  • The best DUI lawyers in Fort Worth will be part of several bodies and associations because they want to interact with other professionals in the community to establish their names and continue learning about their fields of specialty.

Check their track record in handling similar cases.

Some Fort Worth DWI attorneys will turn down your case because it is not their area of expertise or they do not have the skills for a successful outcome. It would help if you had a lawyer with an excellent record in taking up similar cases and pushing them to success. We recommend ruling out candidates that have disciplinary action or a history of malpractice, so you only have to work with qualified ones that understand the legal system of the state and district.

Schedule a real appointment

The next and final step is to schedule a meeting so you can listen to the attorney on how they plan to attend to your case. A great pick will tick all of the following checklist items:

  • They tell it like it is and will let you know how they plan to pursue the case
  • They will take up your case in person and not promise to hand it over to the firm or another competent attorney

An experienced DWI attorney will look at everything starting with the police report to field sobriety tests,  breathe, and blood tests. With a goal of realizing whether the tests were done properly or was the equipment calibrated.  Including police recordings like dash cams and cameras worn by the police officer.

Every case is unique and that is why you need an Attorney who has handled many cases over the years. They can find the holes in the prosecutions case. This takes experience and the right mind. When you are looking for an attorney for your DWI, these are the types of strategies you want to hear discussed.

A DWI is only impaired if you do not have a lawyer to assist. Call 817-447-4100 (24/7) to book an appointment with our Tarrant County DWI lawyer.

How To Get Out Of A DWI Charge

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Can you beat a DWI charge if there is enough proof that you were indeed above the limit? Surprisingly, yes, you can. There are many ways to beat the case when you invest in the proper legal toolbox. The attorney has the power to request a dismissal or other favorable outcomes when they carefully examine the dynamics and find loopholes that show you deserve a fairer ruling.

Our Fort Worth DWI attorneys are at home in many different settings, including the courtroom or negotiation room with the parties involved. The best DWI lawyers in Fort Worth will tell you that there are too many ways to go around the charge, including checking the case’s credibility, the actual alcohol levels, and other factors. Let’s examine ways we can beat the DWI charge.

How to get out of a DWI charge

Use your rights

DWIYou will be surprised that some people get away with enormous DWI cases because the attorney did not read the Miranda laws, which violates the client.

The police officer who arrests you will tell you that you have the right to hire an attorney. It is your constitutional right to hire an attorney once they have collected all the evidence and statements.

Call our attorney and schedule an appointment to have a private conversation on the phone or online, so we can guide you in the specific steps you should take while interacting with the law or opposing party. Keep in mind that it is always better to call a Tarrant County DWI lawyer before you take all the urine and blood tests that could further incriminate you.

Get different tests

Most people are unaware of their right to get independent blood or urine test to prove that they were nearly as intoxicated as the report may claim. In reality, you cannot walk out of jail to get the test, but the attorney can help you gather all the additional evidence that will eventually get you out. In addition to the independent blood, urine, or breath test, we will prove to the court that the office interfered with the right to Due Process and Fundamental Fairness, which is a direct suppression of your freedom.

Write a second police statement.

The officers usually have a camera that records the entire incident and will write a record to account for everything that happened in writing. Occasionally, the officer could forget or omit essential details.

It is fantastic to hire top DWI lawyers who will help you write a second statement so that we can challenge the officer’s account in court. Keep in mind that Cole Paschall Law has an ethical duty to stick with the truth and only represent the actual version of the incident. The attorney will use your statement to dispute unconstitutional stops, unfair treatment, or other conditions that prove the entire case is illegal or too harsh.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Fort Worth, Texas, it is essential to have a reliable Tarrant County criminal attorney on your side to defend your rights and ensure due process is followed. Our aggressive Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys at Cole Paschall Law can provide the expert legal representation you need to face the Tarrant County criminal court system and ensure that you have the best possible chance of avoiding conviction.

We understand that it can be overwhelming when the government is trying to throw you in jail and steal your good reputation. We are here to protect you from the government by protecting your freedom and securing your hopes for a bright future. You Deserve to Get Your Life Back!

Our attorney drunk driving defense attorney will do everything they can to think outside the box, form creative arguments and improve the chances of success. Call 817-447-4100 (24/7) today to schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation.

Can An Attorney Bail Me Out Of Jail In Tarrant County

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One of the most common questions we hear at Cole Paschall Law is, “ Can an attorney bail me out of jail in Tarrant County?”. A better question to ask is whether our attorneys can bail someone out of jail. Not all lawyers are experienced in securing bail bonds and not all law firms specialize in criminal defense. Fortunately for our clients, our law office offers this service , and we’re available to provide jail release 24-hours a day. You’ll find more information in our website’s FAQs or by contacting our law firm at 817-447-4100.

5 Questions to Ask an Attorney Before Hiring Their Law Firm


1. Can you help with jail release? If someone you care about is in jail waiting for bail, you can be of tremendous help to them by contacting a lawyer who can not only initiate their release, but also provide a sound defense for them in court. Our attorneys can protect your friend or family member’s legal rights and secure a positive outcome for them as their case progresses. If it’s your first time dealing with this type of situation, you can call our office day or night at 817-477-4100.

2. Can an attorney bail a client out of jail? Depending on the circumstances, in most cases, the answer to this question is ‘yes’. One of the advantages of choosing Cole Paschall Law for defense is that we provide our clients with all of the following:

  • 50+ years of combined experience
  • Free bond with attorney
  • 24-hour accessibility
  • Easy to understand communication without ‘legal-speak’
  • A customized defense strategy moving forward
  • Representation designed to fit your budget

3. How long does it take to bond out of Tarrant County jail? When someone is in jail awaiting bond, every minute feels like an hour. While there is no set-in-stone amount of time that the bond process takes, you can be certain our lawyers do our very best to shorten the wait time and secure temporary freedom for our clients while they await their day in court.

4. Can you bail yourself out of jail in Texas? It’s possible to post bail on your own behalf, however, certain limitations make it difficult. For example, one would have to have the full amount of bail on their person at the time of their arrest to quality for posting their own bail. Depending on the amount of bail, this could prove to be difficult. Once you’ve determined you need outside help, you may ask the next question: Can an attorney bail me out of jail in Tarrant County? When you contact Cole Paschall Law, you’ll find assistance posting bail.

5. Who can bond you out of jail? If you have the funds, you can bond yourself out of jail; if you have a knowledgeable friend or family member, they can petition a bail bondsman to help; if you have an idea that you’ll need legal representation for your case, an attorney from Cole Paschall Law can post bond. Contact our law office to schedule a free consultation with our team to learn more about your rights.

If you live near or around the Fort Worth TX area and you’re in need of an experienced criminal defense lawyer, look no further than Cole Paschall Law.

Our criminal defense attorney covers a variety of criminal cases, and we have a network of professionals who can help with your case.

If you have been charged with a criminal offense in Tarrant County, you need legal representation. The criminal defense attorneys at Cole Paschall Law are highly experienced in criminal defense and work relentlessly in defending you against an unfair sentence. Don’t hesitate to consult us at 817-447-4100 to schedule a consultation.

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No one ever expects to be accused of a crime. If you find yourself in this situation, Cole Paschall Law is here for you. Contact us today, and we will review your case to help you decide what the best course of action is.