How to Choose the Best Defense Attorney for Your DWI Case

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Criminal Defense Attorney

Choosing the right defense attorney to represent you in a DWI case can be daunting. There are many factors to take into account when selecting the best Fort Worth DWI lawyer for your particular situation. So how do you find the best Fort Worth DWI attorney for your case?

Before we get into the specifics, let’s first identify the benefits of having a defense attorney who specializes in DWI cases. Read along as Cole Paschall Law outlines the benefits of enlisting the help of a qualified defense attorney when facing a DWI charge.

The Benefits of Using an Expert Witness in a DUI/DWI Case

It can be extremely frustrating and intimidating to face a DWI charge. But utilizing the help of an experienced defense attorney can put you in the best position possible to avoid a conviction. Additionally, having an expert witness knowledgeable in DWI defense can greatly improve your chances of success. Here’s why:

1. Invaluable testimony

Having an expert witness at your defense can provide invaluable testimony to the court. An experienced defense attorney understands the nuances of DWI defense and can provide expert, trustworthy testimony that may result in a favorable outcome for you. Additionally, an expert witness can refute any of the prosecution’s claims and provide defense-focused evidence.

2. Building a defense strategy

Additionally, it can also help to build a strong defense strategy tailored to the particulars of your case. With their expertise, they can assist in developing an effective defense that could mean the difference between a conviction and an acquittal.

3. Provide strong evidence

An expert witness can also provide strong evidence to support your defense. An attorney who specializes in DWI defense will be familiar with the latest research and developments in the field, allowing them to present up-to-date information to support your defense.

4. Best defense practices

When it comes to DWI defense, a Fort Worth DWI specialist understands the best defense practices for your particular case and can use those strategies to your advantage. An experienced defense attorney will also be familiar with local laws and regulations related to DUI/DWI cases and can use this knowledge to better defend you in court.

5. Knowledge of DWI defense laws and techniques

With the right DWI lawyer, you have the advantage of their knowledge of DWI defense laws and techniques. Additionally, an expert witness can also provide insight into defense strategies that can be used to combat the prosecution’s case.

6. Understanding of defense strategies and tactics

Having a defense lawyer with extensive experience in the DWI criminal justice system can make all the difference when it comes to strategies and tactics. Aside from your lawyer, an expert witness can also offer insight into the defense techniques and strategies that can be used to make a compelling case.

7. An advocate for your interests

With the help of an expert witness, you can rest assured that your defense attorney is acting as an advocate for your best interests. With their knowledge and experience, they will be able to present a defense that is tailored specifically to your case.

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Why Is an Expert Witness Testimony Beneficial in a Texas DUI/DWI Case?

In Fort Worth TX, defense lawyers have the experience and resources necessary to build a defense that is tailored to your particular needs.

But aside from an experienced criminal defense attorney, having an experienced witness at your disposal can offer invaluable assistance in your defense. An expert witness can provide testimony about DWI defense laws and strategies that could make all the difference when it comes to avoiding a conviction.

Additionally, specialized expertise from an experienced defense attorney can give you the edge when it comes to defending against a DUI/DWI charge. An experienced Fort Worth DWI specialist will give you the best chance at a successful outcome. They understand how to navigate DWI defense laws, communicate defense strategies to the court, and have a deep understanding of defense tactics.

So when choosing a defense attorney for your DWI case, make sure to select one that has experience and expertise in the area of defense law. This will ensure that you are getting the most out of your defense strategy and building a strong defense that can lead to a successful outcome.

Find an attorney who focuses exclusively on defending DWI and DUI cases

When you are looking for a defense attorney to represent you in a DWI case, it is important to find one who focuses exclusively on defending DUI and DWI charges. Only an attorney with this level of experience will have the expertise required to properly represent your case and increase your chances of success. But how exactly to choose the right Fort Worth DWI specialist for your case? Here are some helpful tips:

1. Look for experience

When selecting a defense attorney, it is important to find one with experience in DWI defense. Look for an attorney who has handled multiple cases of this type and can demonstrate a successful track record. You must also make sure that the defense attorney is well-versed in the latest changes to DWI defense laws.

2. Research their credentials

Before talking to defense attorneys, you should do some research on their credentials. Check to see if they have any certifications or awards that show their expertise in DWI defense or other criminal law defenses.

Additionally, look into any professional organizations they may belong to and make sure they stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Being part of the National Trial Lawyers Association is always a good sign, and an assistant criminal district attorney experience can be a major plus.

3. Ask questions and read reviews

There’s nothing more helpful than the opinions and experiences of others. Ask around to see what people have to say about criminal defense services in your area or read reviews online. You can also ask questions directly to defense attorneys during consultations so that you can get a better sense of their expertise and how they may be able to help with your case whether you’re in Fort Worth or in Tarrant County.

What is The Punishment for DWI in Texas?

The consequences of being found guilty of drunk driving mostly depend on the specifics of the case as well as the defendant’s criminal history. The following are the penalties:

First DWI Conviction
First-time DUI offenders will be charged with a Class B misdemeanor and may receive a penalty of up to $2,000 in fines and/or up to 180 days in prison. Additionally, those found guilty of this crime may have their driving privileges suspended for up to a year. A first offense also entails three years of annual surcharges that range from $1,000 to $2,000 per year.

First Offense for BAC of.15 or More
If a chemical test revealed that the defendant’s blood alcohol content level was 0.15 or above, the charges for a first offense might be upgraded to a Class A misdemeanor, which carries essentially the same punishments as a conviction for a second DWI.

Second DWI Conviction
This offense carries a class A misdemeanor sentence of up to a year in jail, a two-year license suspension, up to a $4,000 fine, and/or both. Additionally, there are three-year yearly surcharges that range from $1,000 to $2,000 for a second DWI conviction.

Third DWI Conviction
Any subsequent DUI-related violation, including a third infraction, is deemed a third-degree felony and is punishable by two to 10 years in jail, a two-year license suspension, and/or a $10,000 fine. Up to $2,000 in annual surcharges are possible over the course of three years.

Probation, community supervision, community service, ignition interlock devices, drug and alcohol education programs, DWI schools, annual surcharges, additional court costs, and fines are just a few examples of additional associated punishments. Additionally, even after a person has fulfilled their sentence, a DWI conviction can have a severe effect on their life.

Texas DWI Surcharges

If you are found guilty of DWI, the State of Texas will also impose an annual surcharge fee that must be paid to the Texas Department of Public Safety in addition to the criminal penalties you will face. You must pay this administrative fee for three years in order to keep your driver’s license active. Your license will be automatically suspended until all payments have been made if you don’t pay the surcharges or engage into a payment arrangement.

Whether this is your first DWI, second DWI, or any subsequent DWI, or whether it is shown that you had a blood alcohol content of.16 or greater, will determine the costs associated with a DWI conviction.

The following are the Texas DWI surcharges that must be paid to the Texas Department of Public Safety:

  • First-time DUI offenders pay a $1,000 annual surcharge ($3,000 total).
  • Driving After Having Been Drunk for Two or More Seconds: $1,500 Annual Surcharge ($4,500 Total)
  • DWI with a.16 or higher blood alcohol content: $2,000 annual fee ($6,000 total)

Types of DWI Offenses in Texas

Additional typical DWI crimes in Texas include the following:

  • Underage DWI: An underage DWI is a Class C misdemeanor that carries a $500 maximum fine, alcohol awareness classes, 20 to 40 hours of community service, and a driver’s license suspension as penalties.
  • Intoxication Assault – This offense is classified as either a third-degree or second-degree felony depending on the level of bodily injury. A felony charge can limit an individual’s housing, employment, and educational opportunities.
  • Intoxication Manslaughter – A first-time DUI Manslaughter offense is a second-degree felony. The offense involves an intoxicated or impaired driver operating a motor vehicle and the unintentional or accidental death of another person because of the intoxication.
  • DWI with a Child Passenger – Texas Penal Code §49.045 addresses DWI with a child passenger. The law indicates that a person commits the offense when he or she is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public space and the passenger is younger than fifteen (15) years of age.
  • Drug Related DWI – Per Tex. Pen. Code §49.09 a person can be charged with a DWI if he or she was driving or operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance.

List of Questions You Should Ask Your Defense Attorney

Finding the right defense attorney is essential to your defense strategy. To ensure you are hiring the best defense attorney for your DWI case, be sure to ask these questions during consultations:

1. What experience do you have in defending DUI/DWI cases?

This aims to determine how well-versed they are in defense techniques and strategies.

2. How many DUI/DWI cases have you handled?

It is also important to take note of the number of DUI/DWI cases the defense attorney has handled in the past. This will help you get a better understanding of their experience.

3. What defense strategies do you think will work best for my case?

To have initial knowledge of defense strategies that may be effective for your defense, it is important to ask defense attorneys what defense strategies they think will work best for your particular case.

4. How much do you charge for DUI/DWI defense?

Budgeting is one of the main concerns when hiring defense attorneys. Asking defense attorneys about their rates can help you determine which one is more suitable for your financial capacity.

5. Will you be available for all court appearances?

Of course, your defense attorney must be available to represent you during court appearances. Ask defense attorneys if they can commit to attending all court proceedings.

6. Are you up-to-date on the latest DWI defense laws?

Asking this will show that the defense attorney is able to provide defense strategies that are in line with the latest legal developments.

7. How do you typically approach defense strategies?

With this question, you will be able to understand how your defense attorney works and how they plan on using defense strategies in your case.

8. What results did you achieve for your previous clients?

You would also want to know how successful defense attorneys were in their previous cases.

9. Do you have any other resources to help with my defense strategy?

Aside from defense strategies, defense attorneys may have other resources to help with your defense. The best Fort Worth DWI specialist will be able to provide additional assistance.

10. Do you have any other defense attorneys or experts on your team?

Having a defense attorney with a team of law firm of criminal defense attorneys and experts helps to ensure that you have access to the best defense strategies available.

Asking these questions will help you get a better understanding of defense attorneys’ expertise and capabilities and help you determine which one is the best fit for your defense strategy.

Keep in mind that Fort Worth DWI lawyers have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to do your research thoroughly before making a decision. The right criminal defense attorney can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case, so choosing the right defense attorney is essential.

DUI in Texas

Aside from domestic violence and some offenses that fall under the personal injury law, DUI or DWI (driving under the influence or driving while intoxicated) is also considered as a serious offense in Texas. Consequences for DUI/DWI convictions can include jail time, license suspension, and fines.

The law enforcement officer who initiated the arrest will present all evidence against you to prosecutors, so it is important to have an experienced defense attorney who knows how to challenge the evidence. The defense attorney can also negotiate with prosecutors to determine a suitable outcome for your case.

Choosing the best defense attorney for your DWI case is essential to ensure that you have access to the most effective defense strategies available. Having the right defense attorney on your side will maximize your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

Cole Paschall Law is a Forth Worth defense firm that specializes in DWI defense. Our team of defense attorneys is experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to the latest defense strategies. We understand how difficult this situation can be, which is why our lawyers will work their hardest to provide you with the best defense possible.

Contact us today for a free consultation and more information about our Fort Worth DWI specialist and other defense services.

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#1 DWI Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth, Texas

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Our DWI Defense Attorneys in Fort Worth offer the experience and compassion necessary to achieve the best possible outcome for clients facing drug and alcohol charges, specifically driving while intoxicated (DWI) and driving under the influence (DUI) charges.

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is becoming more aggressively legislated against and prosecuted each year in Fort Worth, Texas. Since it first became illegal, DWI has evolved to become a criminal act, the legal alcohol limit has been lowered, and multiple DWIs can now lead to felonious charges. DWI is one of the most serious crimes due to the potential penalties a conviction carries, which include possible incarceration, fines, license suspensions and revocations, and installing an ignition interlock device in your car.

Cole Paschall Law is your solution to finding affordable but good DWI defense attorneys in Fort Worth. If you don’t have deep pockets to hire the very best law firm in the area, you’ll find that our legal team can offer a sound defense at a price you can afford. Lower rates are just one of the many reasons to choose us when you need to hire Fort Worth DWI defense attorneys; we also bring a wealth of experience to your case and work tirelessly on behalf of our clients. Before you make a costly mistake by hiring a lawyer you can’t afford, make a free phone call to Cole Paschall Law at 817-447-4100 to speak with our team.

5 Reasons to Hire Cole Paschall Law For DWI Defense Attorneys

DWI Defense Attorneys

1. First and foremost, we offer budget-friendly legal services, starting with a free consultation. We know that not every client can afford to spend a lot of money securing a big-name legal team; for this reason, we fill the gap left by other law firms who only cater to the wealthy. Don’t think for one minute that your defense will be any less effective simply because our rates are lower. We have an excellent reputation throughout the community; reach out to us when you need advice from a Tarrant County DWI Defense Attorneys.

2. You may have seen billboards around the area claiming that familiar faces make the best DUI lawyers in Fort Worth. At Cole Paschall Law, we don’t believe that familiarity is what’s important when you have your day in court. Judges are not predisposed to siding with attorneys simply because they’re famous on the television or on billboards; rather, they want to hear the facts about your case. We’ll represent you truthfully and factually- two things judges highly admire.

3. Our law firm is Fort Worth’s best kept secret; in fact, we bring more than 5 decades of experience to the table to ensure a favorable outcome for your case. Get in touch with us today if you have questions for our top DUI lawyers or spend a few minutes on our website exploring our resources.

4. We can help with your jail release if you’re unable to make bond on your own or find someone to post bond for you. Our law firm will stand by your side from the very minute you first contact us, throughout every step of your legal journey- starting with negotiating your bond.

Facing a DWI with a CDL is a serious matter. You need to do everything in your power to avoid any and all charges. To do that successfully, call us. Cole Paschall Law is a trial-tested and aggressive DWI defense attorneys in Fort Worth who has helped hundreds of people with his extensive knowledge of how to beat a DWI case in Texas.

Call Cole Paschall Law for an affordable but good DWI defense attorney in Fort Worth. If you don’t have deep pockets to hire the very best law firm in the area, you’ll find that our legal team can offer a sound defense at a price you can afford. Reach us at 817-447-4100 for legal advice and quality representation and defense for your charges.

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How To Get Out Of A DWI Charge

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Can you beat a DWI charge if there is enough proof that you were indeed above the limit? Surprisingly, yes, you can. There are many ways to beat the case when you invest in the proper legal toolbox. The attorney has the power to request a dismissal or other favorable outcomes when they carefully examine the dynamics and find loopholes that show you deserve a fairer ruling.

Our Fort Worth DWI attorneys are at home in many different settings, including the courtroom or negotiation room with the parties involved. The best DWI lawyers in Fort Worth will tell you that there are too many ways to go around the charge, including checking the case’s credibility, the actual alcohol levels, and other factors. Let’s examine ways we can beat the DWI charge.

How to get out of a DWI charge

Use your rights

DWIYou will be surprised that some people get away with enormous DWI cases because the attorney did not read the Miranda laws, which violates the client.

The police officer who arrests you will tell you that you have the right to hire an attorney. It is your constitutional right to hire an attorney once they have collected all the evidence and statements.

Call our attorney and schedule an appointment to have a private conversation on the phone or online, so we can guide you in the specific steps you should take while interacting with the law or opposing party. Keep in mind that it is always better to call a Tarrant County DWI lawyer before you take all the urine and blood tests that could further incriminate you.

Get different tests

Most people are unaware of their right to get independent blood or urine test to prove that they were nearly as intoxicated as the report may claim. In reality, you cannot walk out of jail to get the test, but the attorney can help you gather all the additional evidence that will eventually get you out. In addition to the independent blood, urine, or breath test, we will prove to the court that the office interfered with the right to Due Process and Fundamental Fairness, which is a direct suppression of your freedom.

Write a second police statement.

The officers usually have a camera that records the entire incident and will write a record to account for everything that happened in writing. Occasionally, the officer could forget or omit essential details.

It is fantastic to hire top DWI lawyers who will help you write a second statement so that we can challenge the officer’s account in court. Keep in mind that Cole Paschall Law has an ethical duty to stick with the truth and only represent the actual version of the incident. The attorney will use your statement to dispute unconstitutional stops, unfair treatment, or other conditions that prove the entire case is illegal or too harsh.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Fort Worth, Texas, it is essential to have a reliable Tarrant County criminal attorney on your side to defend your rights and ensure due process is followed. Our aggressive Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys at Cole Paschall Law can provide the expert legal representation you need to face the Tarrant County criminal court system and ensure that you have the best possible chance of avoiding conviction.

We understand that it can be overwhelming when the government is trying to throw you in jail and steal your good reputation. We are here to protect you from the government by protecting your freedom and securing your hopes for a bright future. You Deserve to Get Your Life Back!

Our attorney drunk driving defense attorney will do everything they can to think outside the box, form creative arguments and improve the chances of success. Call 817-447-4100 (24/7) today to schedule an appointment for a personalized consultation.

DWI Charge Tarrant County

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Getting arrested for a DWI Charge can destroy someone’s prospects. If you have been arrested and charged for drunk driving in Tarrant County, you must seek immediate legal help.

Here at Cole Paschall Law, our Fort Worth DWI attorneys have fought for many people charged with DUI. We have the resources needed to protect your right whether this is your first offense or a multiple DWI Charge.

What Happens When You Convicted For DUI Charge

You will have a criminal record if you’re convicted of a DUI offense. If you’re considering pleading guilty to DUI, here are some of the consequences:

  • Hefty fines
  • Community service
  • Lengthy probation periods
  • Potential time in prison
  • Possibility of vehicle forfeiture
  • Suspension of your driving rights
  • Forfeiture of your civil rights

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What Can I Do If Stopped For DWI Charge

DWI Charge

You have legal rights if a police officer thinks you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Exercising your rights is one of the best things you can do to limit the impact of evidence a police officer can gather against you.

Remain Silent

At this point, the police officer is trying to discover whether you are intoxicated. You must provide your registration and driver’s license when asked. It is best to be polite when talking to them because anything you say will be used against you in court.

Be Polite & Remain Calm

Being disrespectful to a police officer is not a good idea. The worst thing you can do is trying to avoid a police arrest. Do not resist your arrest. Be polite and remain calm while talking to a police officer. Physical or verbal resistance or abuse can result in additional criminal charges.

Don’t Flee the Scene

Fleeing is a harsh criminal offense. It’s against the law not to stop when a police officer orders you to do so. Penalties relating to fleeing include a minimum of 12 months license suspension and imprisonment for a minimum of 36 months.

Criminal AttorneyInvolve a Criminal Attorney

Our Fort Worth DUI attorneys can examine your case to determine possible defense plans. We will look at your DUI case to decide the best course of action.

What Should I Do If Arrested And Charged For DUI?

It’s evident that you may be charged with DWI Charge if you’re intoxicated while driving. Contact us if you’re being arrested for DUI. At Cole Paschall Law, our Fort Worth DWI attorneys can help protect your right. No matter whether you are looking to challenge the field sobriety test or you have been arrested after failing a breath test, you can have full confidence in our Tarrant County DWI lawyers.

Contact Cole Paschall Law For Your DWI Charge Tarrant County

It is possible to reduce or dismiss a DWI charge in Texas, but you will not be able to do it alone. Contact us immediately for help with your DWI charge. You have only 15 days after your arrest date to save your Texas driver’s license. Let us figure the rest out for you.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Fort Worth, Texas, it is essential to have a reliable Tarrant County criminal attorney on your side to defend your rights and ensure due process is followed. Our aggressive Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys at Cole Paschall Law can provide the expert legal representation you need to face the Tarrant County criminal court system and ensure that you have the best possible chance of avoiding conviction.

Get in touch with a Tarrant County DWI lawyer at Cole Paschall Law immediately if you have been arrested for DWI Charge. We can fight for you to ensure the court doesn’t revoke your driving rights. Call our Fort Worth, TX office at 817-447-4100 to schedule a free appointment and consultation.

DWI Attorney In Fort Worth

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DWI Attorney – Approximately 29 people die in a road accident by a drug-impaired driver. These numbers mean that there plenty of people looking to hire a competent lawyer, and just as many attorneys promising to deliver expert skills and have endless ads for you to contact or call them ASAP. It is almost impossible to sift through this overwhelming number of practices when you have an alternative for a better drunk driving defense attorney at every turn.

We assume that you are on our site because you have come across the multiple reviews and suggest backing up our winning strategies. The last step is to make sure you ask all the right questions, to determine how we will help your case.

Questions to ask a DWI attorney in Fort Worth

What is your length of your career in law?

DWI Attorney

Newbie attorneys scramble for clients and will enlist their contacts on Yellow pages, social media and most recently, Google Ads, before they gather substantial traffic to bring in a consistent flow of cases. The seasoned attorney will hold off cases for weeks or months because they generally have a good reputation in the field.

Our top DWI Attorney have several years in the game and therefore a better understanding of different procedures and laws. Choosing us increases the likelihood of success because you get everything you need to overturn the harshest conditions.

What is the length of your experience with DUI cases?

Attorneys specialize in many different fields, including DUI cases. We do not recommend working with a highly reviewed criminal defense attorney if they have not mastered the tactics of working a DWI case. Choose a practice that has a dedication to DWI cases and will devote a majority of their resources to win your argument.

The best DWI Attorney in Fort Worth are familiar with each and every step of the DWI cases and will pursue the case with utmost consideration. The most attractive trait of our team is that we work a lot of other different kinds of cases, and therefore have enough experience for a higher possibility in DWIs. You can narrow down on the expert level of our practice by asking the following:

  • How often do we handle DWI cases?
  • How many cases do we handle in a year?
  • How long have we represented DWI clients?
  • What are the possibilities of getting a case dropped or reduced?

As Tarrant County DWI lawyer with specializes in DWI cases, we know the percentage of caseloads that get dismissals or proceed to trial. We also have working relationships with different experts in relevant fields like toxicology and the court system, so it should be easy to follow through with different documentations and processes successfully.

What are the chances of winning a case?

The Fort Worth DWI attorney will discuss the most possible outcomes and determine the weaknesses and strengths of your case. This data will help us to know the most possible outcome. Keep in mind that top attorneys are not always right, but they do their best to estimate the results based off all relevant factors.

If you’ve been charged with a crime in Fort Worth, Texas, it is essential to have a reliable Tarrant County criminal attorney on your side to defend your rights and ensure due process is followed. Our aggressive Fort Worth criminal defense attorneys at Cole Paschall Law can provide the expert legal representation you need to face the Tarrant County criminal court system and ensure that you have the best possible chance of avoiding conviction.

A DWI arrest can happen to anyone. It’s not an intentional offense. Yet the consequences are severe and can affect your livelihood, ability to drive, your finances, and your criminal record for a lifetime. If you’ve been charged with a DWI attorney in Tarrant County, don’t delay. Call us immediately for a free consultation with an experienced Tarrant County DWI Attorney.

The above are basic queries you can use to filter out an attorney who makes you feel ill-at-ease. Call 817-447-4100 (24/7) today to schedule an appointment.

Classification of DWI Offenses in Texas | Fort Worth DUI Attorneys

There are various methods the state of Texas can prosecute DWI offenses. As follows:

First offense of DWI
A first-time DWI charge is a Class B Misdemeanor, punishable by up to $2,000 in fines and up to 180 days in jail.

First-time DWI using Open Container
DWI with an open container is a Class B Misdemeanor that carries a maximum fine of $2,000 and a maximum sentence of 6 to 180 days in prison.

First-time DWI with a BAC of.15 or higher
DWI with a blood alcohol level of 0.15 or greater is a Class A Misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of up to $4,000 in fines and up to 365 days in jail.

Second offense of DWI
A Class A Misdemeanor is a second DWI offense (DWI – Repeat Offender).

DUI with a kid in the car
DWI with a child is a State Jail Felony violation that carries a maximum fine of $10,000 as well as a prison sentence of 180 days to 24 months.

DWI Felony Repeat (third or more offenses)

A third DWI offense (sometimes known as a habitual DWI) is classified as a third-degree felony in Texas, carrying a potential sentence of 2 to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000. Even though the case’s facts may be similar, a DWI felony repetition is very different from a misdemeanor DWI.

Failure to Leave Information (class C or Class B or Class A misdemeanor)
Failure to Stop and Provide Aid (felony in the second or third degree)
assault while intoxicated (third-degree crime)

Intoxicated Manslaughter (2nd degree felony)
Second-degree felony: Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Driving While Intoxicated (DUI) is a crime that only applies to drivers under the age of 21 in Texas.