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If you are looking for an experienced, aggressive criminal defense firm to take your case in Forth Worth, Texas, look no further than the team at Cole Paschall Law. We cover a variety of cases and will be happy to discuss yours during a free initial consultation, where you will be able to speak with an lawyer about your arrest, your charges, and the specifics facts about your case. In addition, you will be able to learn how we have helped others in similar situations like your own, how we can help you, and what the best next steps are in order to build a strong defense.

Read more below for a brief overview of a few of our firm’s major practice areas. If you do not see a practice area listed that resembles your charges, contact us immediately to speak directly with us. We understand that even with identical charges, no two cases are alike, and we work with each of our clients to build a custom defense to increase their chances of receiving a favorable outcome with their case.

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DWI, Drug charges, Assault, Theft, Burglary, Sex crimes, Marijuana, Edibles, Probation Revocation. We handle State and Federal charges. The following are only meant to serve as an example, not as a complete catalog of the services that we offer.

Driving While Intoxicated

Driving while intoxicated, commonly referred to as DWI in Texas, is a serious charge that can cause major complications in your life, both personally and professionally. These charges stem from driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated on alcohol or other drugs. Depending on a variety of other factors that may be involved in the charges, such as prior DWI convictions, minors in the vehicle, possession of illegal drugs, operating without a driver's license, and more, your charges and possible penalties can cover a wide range of possibilities. It is important that you begin to work with an attorney as soon as possible since there are many time-sensitive actions that you must take in order to obtain an occupational license and to maximize your chances of a positive outcome for your case.

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Drug Crimes

Drug crimes in Texas can be treated harshly when compared with other states, as illustrated by their aggressive approach to marijuana. Even simple possession of marijuana in Texas, which is either decriminalized or legalized in many surrounding states, can result in jail time. Possession of any amount of marijuana under 2 ounces can result in 180 days in jail and up to a $2,000 fine and a serious mark on your criminal record. Possession of refined forms of marijuana such as edibles, concentrates or hash, turns the case into a felony possession.

In addition to low tolerance for marijuana, the state of Texas has similarly harsh laws for other scheduled drugs and depending on the substance, amount, and the context of your possession, you can be looking at serious penalties and prison time.

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Assault, generally speaking in terms of Texas law, takes place when an individual acts on the intention to harm someone, or leads someone to believe that they are going to cause harm to them. In fact, whether or not they are harmed is not a factor in determining whether or not an assault has taken place. This means that assault charges can stem from instances such as threats of bodily harm to a victim, causing actual bodily harm to a victim, or coming into contact with someone in a way that is intentionally offensive. Depending on the type of harm done, and the amount of harm done to the victim, charges can range from simple assault (a misdemeanor) to felony assault with severe consequences.

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A misdemeanor is a general term for “lesser” crimes, which may or may not have the possibility of any jail time and typically carry a fine and possible probation. In many cases, an individual charged with a misdemeanor may be convinced to plead guilty to the charge in order to expedite the process and get on their way. While this may seem appealing and is the best-case for a prosecutor and the court it is important that you understand all possible impacts that this plea may have on your life in the future. In many cases, working with Cole Paschall Law is the best way to find a positive outcome that will not come back to haunt you.

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A felony is a more serious crime that comes along with much more serious penalties than a misdemeanor. Charges of DWI, assault, theft, or most other crimes can be elevated from a misdemeanor to a felony if the actions are determined to be serious enough, or if the person being charged has a criminal history that warrants an increased charge. A felony conviction often comes with more than a year in prison, extensive fines, strict probation, and more in order to satisfy the Tarrant County District Courts. Building a defense for a felony is more complicated than a defense for a misdemeanor, but a good outcome may also be more important because it may keep you from being a convicted felon or registered sex offender for the rest of your life.

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Cole Paschall Law is ready to take on your case. Give us a call today and learn more about why you should work with an lawyer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What should I expect when working with a good criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth?

The most important things that you should expect when working with a defense lawyer is that your lawyer is experienced in the charges that you are facing, that they have a history of success, and that you are comfortable working with them.

It is important that we have an initial consultation so that we are able to discuss your needs and our services to ensure that we will be a good fit for each other. During this call or office visit, we will be able to discuss needs such as availability, fees, and more.

If you know that you are being investigated for an alleged crime, the best thing to do is to partner with a Fort Worth criminal lawyer, like Cole Paschall Law, to start working on any possible upcoming case. Do NOT speak to any officer or detective without representation. You do not need to wait until you are arrested to begin working on an aggressive defense today.

Tarrant County Diversion Programs

If this is your first offense or you otherwise qualify, you may be able to avoid criminal prosecution via a diversion program. The following are all Tarrant County diversion programs that are available to qualifying defendants.


What Is A DWI Specialist

When arrested for driving under the influence in Fort Worth or Tarrant County, the repercussions can vary based on many variables. It is important to have representation that can provide the best outcome. Hiring the right lawyer is important and finding an lawyer that specializes in DWI cases is what you want. Fort Worth has, literally, thousands of lawyers. How do you pick the best one while not overpaying...

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Regardless of the crime that you are being charged with, it is important that you take advantage of your right to remain silent until you have hired the counsel of an experienced criminal defense lawyer in Fort Worth. Seemingly innocent statements that you make to law enforcement officials may ultimately complicate your case in ways that you could not have possibly foreseen, and so it is extremely important that each statement that you make is done with care and planning with an lawyer present.

When you are working with an lawyer and the team at Cole Paschall Law, you can be confident that we have a history of success within the Fort Worth court system that we will be happy to bring that experience to your benefit. Our experience will be a significant asset to you as we mount an aggressive defense and identify realistic goals and outcomes for your case.

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Lawyers Casey Cole and Shawn Paschall make an impactful difference on all of the criminal cases they handle. With more than 50 combined years of legal experience, our criminal defense lawyers in Fort Worth have a proven track record for great results at a great price. Residents throughout Fort Worth and Tarrant County have turned to Cole Paschall Law in times of trouble.

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