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Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

Have you been arrested and charged with a crime in Fort Worth, Texas? If so, the team at Cole Paschall Law can review your case during a free initial consultation where we can discuss your situation, your charges, and the options we see as the most appropriate course of action. Our experience with the Texas justice system will be an enormous asset for your case, and we will do everything we can to negotiate a fair deal for reduced charges or have your case dismissed.

Contact us immediately to schedule your initial consultation and get on the right track to beat the criminal charges against you. There is no criminal case too big or too small for our Fort Worth team. Our primary goal is to ensure that your constitutional rights are upheld through the entire process of your time in the Texas courts and to make sure that you have the top possible outcome. Read our overview of the various types of criminal cases that we handle and schedule your consultation right from the website.

About Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal defense law covers a very wide range of situations. Anything that leads to criminal charges is a matter for a criminal defense lawyer. When you hire a Fort Worth criminal defense attorney, you are bringing a legal professional to your team to ensure that your case follows the guidelines set forth by the U.S. Constitution and that any rulings made against you are fair and just. In addition, we will work to reach an agreement with the prosecution that may result in reduced charges or a lighter sentence. Should your case go to trial, you’ll have a seasoned criminal defense team fighting for your freedom.

Examples of Criminal Cases

Criminal Defense

A criminal defense case is any instance where an individual is charged with a misdemeanor or felony crime. The sentence does not necessarily need to involve the potential of prison time for it to be a criminal case. There are a variety of penalties that come with criminal charges in Texas, including probation, fines, license suspension/revocation, loss of voting rights, et cetera. Below are some common examples of criminal charges in Texas.


Assault is any type of unwanted physical contact or inflicting harm on another person. Assault can result from a physical attack or a threat of physical violence. In many instances, assault is simply the threat of violence without it actually coming to fruition. Assault charges can result in both criminal and civil penalties.


Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is an unfortunately common charge in Texas, as well as the rest of the United States, and is a criminal charge for operating a motor vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A DWI arrest can result from a traffic stop, DWI checkpoint (prohibited in Texas), car accident, and a variety of other situations.

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes can range from possession of marijuana under 2 ounces to charges of distribution or manufacturing, which could result in long-term sentences, including life in prison.

Robbery and Burglary

Robbery and burglary are both charges that involve theft, but the elements of the crime are different. Robbery is the act of stealing property from someone’s person, usually through the threat of violence, while burglary involves entering private property illegally with the intent to steal items. Burglary and robbery are both filed as felonies in the state of Texas.

Probation Violations

Individuals on probation have already been convicted of a previous crime, so the penalties of your probation violation are largely related to the terms of the underlying charges. Violations of probations could include things like violating a restraining order, failing a mandated drug test, or failing to meet with your probation officer.

Traffic Crimes

A simple speeding ticket is not a criminal offense, but speeding to the point of endangering people might be charged as a criminal offense. Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is a criminal offense, just as operating a vehicle without a license or another instance that violates criminal law.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crime is a colloquial term, usually referring to non-violent, financial crimes. The victims could be a company, government, or individuals. Some examples of white collar crimes include insider trading, falsifying documents to mislead shareholders, embezzlement, fraud, and many other violations of state and federal law.

Sentencing for Criminal Charges

Your sentence, or possible sentence, will vary greatly depending on the degree and number of charges you are up against. Some crimes may be charged as misdemeanors, and a guilty verdict may only come with a small fine and a mark on your permanent record. However, the opposite is also true: a serious felony might carry a mandatory minimum sentence or even a life sentence, depending on the charge or collection of charges.

When you are working with the criminal defense team at Cole Paschall Law, you can be confident that your Fort Worth criminal defense attorney is dedicated and committed to getting your case to have a fair and reasonable outcome for you.

What is Bail, and Am I Eligible?

Bail is an agreement between a defendant and the court that allows for temporary release while awaiting and going through a criminal trial. There are a lot of factors that go into determining whether or not a defendant is allowed bail, including their criminal history, the possibility of flight risk, their perceived threat to society, and a variety of other factors.

If you are incarcerated after being arrested for a crime, contact us or call a family member who will then be able to contact us. We will work with a bail bondsman to determine your eligibility and terms of bail in order to keep you out of jail during your court case. If you violate the terms of your bail, your privilege will be revoked and you will need to stay in jail for the duration of your trial. If you remain in jail during your trial, it may be applied towards time served in your final sentencing.

How Do You Find The Right Lawyer?

Do I need a criminal defense attorney? If you are facing a potential criminal record, you should at the very least consult an experienced criminal defense attorney. Looking for a criminal defense attorney can seem overwhelming, but it is necessary if you have been charged with a crime. When looking for an attorney, you should consider the following:

  • Make sure to gather all of the facts concerning your case and provide your prospective attorney with this information. Once the attorney has reviewed all of the facts concerning your incident, ask questions. It is important to seek out a Ft. Worth, Texas criminal defense attorney who is familiar with the court system where you have been charged as each jurisdiction operates differently and requires a tailored defense.
  • Make sure to understand what an attorneys role is. A criminal defense attorney is meant to provide you with competent legal representation so that you obtain the top outcome possible. An experienced Ft. Worth criminal defense attorney should be able to give you an evaluation and possible outcome(s) in your matter. No one can guarantee the outcome of your case. Any lawyer who guarantees a successful outcome should raise a red flag in your mind. When you are interviewing attorneys, it is important that you ask as many questions as possible. Do not hire an attorney unless you understand what to expect and all of your questions have been answered.
  • It is recommended that during your consultation you ask the attorney what your case will cost. Every case is different and some cases are more complex than others. If your case is complicated or involves multiple offenses, you should expect to pay more. Some cases may have hourly rates, flat rates, or extra fees (expenses). Visit the Texas Bar website online before meeting with an attorney to confirm they are in good standing.

What Will Happen with My Case?

All cases are different and many factors go into determining the ultimate outcome. That being said, Cole Paschall Law has successfully represented clients who have been charged with the following offenses:

  • Murder
  • Aggravated robbery
  • Aggravated sexual assault of a child
  • Sexual assault of a minor
  • DWI
  • Assault BI-FM
  • Intoxication manslaughter x2 (*dismissed)

First Time Drug Offenses

If you are a first-time offender and have been charged with a felony or misdemeanor drug crime in Tarrant County, Texas you may qualify for the first offender drug program. This is a limited supervision program intended for first time drug offenders to self correct their actions. This program is only available for certain offenses and the candidate must have no prior conviction for a drug crime, no current or past community supervision, and no pending cases for offenses other than Class C misdemeanors.

Criminal Law In Texas

Fort Worth Criminal Defense Lawyer

In Texas, misdemeanor crimes are punishable for up to one year in a local or county jail. Misdemeanors are classified as Class A, Class B, or Class C. Felonies are serious crimes that are by prison terms, or in some cases, death. According to the Texas Penal Code, “(a) Felonies are classified according to the relative seriousness of the offense into five categories:

  1. capital felonies;
  2. felonies of the first degree;
  3. felonies of the second degree;
  4. felonies of the third degree; and
  5. state jail felonies.

(b) An offense designated a felony in this code without specification as to category is a state jail felony.”

Due to the severe consequences that a felony conviction can manifest, the attorneys at Cole Paschall provide defendant’s with aggressive counsel to provide the top possible outcome. If you, a friend, or your family member have been charged with a crime in Tarrant County, you are gravely encouraged to speak with an experienced Ft. Worth criminal defense attorney. An experienced attorney will begin to prepare your defense and provide you with worst and top case scenarios so that you and your family are prepared for any outcome.

What Kind Of Cases Do We Work On?

Cole Paschall Law offers comprehensive legal counsel with over 50 years of combined criminal defense experience. Affordable felony and misdemeanor criminal defense are offered in the following cases:

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, you are encouraged to speak with a Ft. Worth/Tarrant County criminal attorney to discuss the consequences of your criminal charge(s).

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