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Tarrant County Dwi Lawyer

Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) is a crime under both federal and all state laws in the U.S. Countrywide, there’s a fatality every 50 minutes resulting from car crashes because of alcohol-impaired driving. That’s why there are dire consequences for DWI, especially in Texas.

At Cole Paschall Law, we work to ensure that a DWI incidence does not have long-lasting effects on our clients. With a Tarrant county DWI lawyer from our firm, residents in Fort Worth have a good chance of getting acquitted or lesser charges.

What Happens When a Police Officer in Texas Stops You For DWI?

When a police officer stops you for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, they will expect you to do the following:

  • Produce your driver’s license, proof of insurance, and the vehicle’s registration.
  • They may require you to take a breath or blood test to determine your blood alcohol concentration.

You have the right to not take the test, but there are immediate consequences, whereby your license will be suspended for 180 days. The officer will confiscate your license at the scene, give you a suspension notice, then issue you with a driving permit. To contest the suspension, you will have to request a hearing within 15 days after being served the notice. If you fail to do so, the suspension will go into effect on the 40th day after your arrest.

How to Avoid License Suspension

You can have a lawyer represent you at the administrative license revocation (ALR) hearing, which is when the transport department decides whether to suspend your license or not. During the hearing, you can challenge the evidence against you and even bring witnesses to testify on your behalf.

This will proceed a lot better if you have an experienced Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)lawyer handling your case. With their legal skills, they will ensure that you don’t incriminate yourself, and also look for ways to discredit the evidence presented against you.

How Long Does a DWI Remain in Your Record in Texas?

In Texas, every DWI offense remains in your criminal record permanently. Hence, it’s available to anyone who checks your criminal history, including potential employers and landlords. Fortunately, the law allows you to have the DWI sealed or hidden from public view. You can have a lawyer assist you in pursuing this option if:

  • You have completed all your sentences after your DWI conviction.
  • You’re a first time DWI offender.
  • At the time of arrest, your blood alcohol concentration was 0.15 percent or below.

If your nondisclosure appeal is successful, your DWI will be sealed, and it will no longer appear in your criminal record.

Get the Right Legal Representation

Texas has some of the harshest DWI laws in the country. That’s why you should reach out to us at Cole Paschall Law the moment you get charged with a DWI. If you’re convicted, there are harsh consequences, but we can help you avoid that. When you contact us as soon as possible, we’ll do our best to have your charges dropped, reduced, or help you get acquitted if you go to trial. Give us a call today on (817) 477-4100 to get a Tarrant County DWI lawyer.

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