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Spanish speaking immigration attorney Houston

Spanish speaking immigration attorney Houston

Nosotros hablamos Español. Fong Ilagan is where you can find an experienced, affordable, and fluent Spanish-speaking immigration attorney in Houston. If you are a Spanish-speaking USCIS immigration applicant, you will be happy to learn that the majority of immigration applicants in Houston are Spanish-speaking people as well, from Central and South America. At Fong Ilagan, we regularly represent Spanish-speaking immigration clients from the following countries:

  • Mexico
  • Guatemala
  • Nicaragua
  • Costa Rica
  • Panama
  • Columbia
  • Venezuela
  • Brazil
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Argentina

Whether you are fluent in the English language or still learning English, it always helps to have a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney on your side if you are from one of these countries. At Fong Ilagan, we understand your needs, background, culture, and heritage, and we are happy to communicate with you in your native language.

Is it Hard for Spanish-Speaking Immigrants to Get Approved in the USA?

Despite much of the harsh rhetoric from the current US president and the backlash against Spanish-speaking immigrants, it still is very possible to get your application approved by USCIS. Of course, we would be lying if we said that it is as easy as it used to be for Spanish-speaking immigrants to get approved. Requirements are a bit tighter these days, and the government is enforcing these requirements more. Still, with an experienced immigration attorney from Fong Ilagan on your side, we can give you the best chance of getting your immigration application approved.

Is a Spanish-Speaking Immigration Attorney Better than an English-Speaking Immigration Attorney?

For most Latin American USCIS applicants, hiring a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney in Houston is the best option. This is true not only because Fong Ilagan can communicate with you in your native language, which means that we can understand you better and communicate your thoughts, needs, and messages better, but having a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney on your side means that we can also communicate with your family, relatives, support group, and representative. Often, when there is a gap between languages, there is a gap between communication, and communication between client and attorney is extremely important during the immigration process!

When you hire a Spanish-speaking attorney from Fong Ilagan, you will have an immigration attorney who is fluent both in Español and English. This means that we can perfectly translate your words and thoughts into English for the USCIS officers as needed.

Having a Bi-Lingual Immigration Attorney Can Pay Off

As you likely know, the USCIS applications and paperwork must be filled out in English. If you are limited in your ability to read, write, and or speak English, then a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney from Fong Ilagan can take care of all the paperwork for you. We'll make sure that all of your information is represented accurately and that your paperwork is filled out completely.

If you need a Spanish-speaking immigration attorney in Houston, contact Fong Ilagan today. We provide free consultations so we can discuss the details of your case. We'll provide you with feedback and advice, and we'll offer our services to you should you want or need them.

Spanish speaking immigration attorney Houston
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Spanish speaking immigration attorney Houston
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