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Sexual Abuse Attorney Fort Lauderdale

Elana Goodman at Horowitz Law is a leading sexual abuse attorney in Fort Lauderdale with over 20 years of litigation experience. As one of the top Sexual abuse lawyers in Broward County, she has helped several victims get the compensation and justice they deserve with her aggressive legal representation. Here are some of the top reasons to choose us for your sexual abuse case:

  1. Legal expertise – Our panel of lawyers holds several years of experience in representing and fighting for the rights of victims of sexual abuse. We understand the typical steps involved in a sexual abuse lawsuit and possess the legal expertise to predict the possible outcomes in a case. This way, we prepare our clients for what to expect in a lawsuit and ensure that they receive a favorable case outcome in a relatively short period. 
  2. Successful track record – Our attorneys Adam Horowitz, Jessica Arbour, and Elana Goodman, hold over 20 years of experience in representing victims in sexual abuse cases. Each of them has helped victims recover millions of dollars in compensation and have ensured that the attacker faces deserving penalty and jail time/sentencing for their actions. Elana is a skilled lawyer in litigating claims against the Catholic Church and other religious institutions for her clients that are victims of sexual abuse. 
  3. Gathering evidence - Proving in court that the perpetrator/defendant is responsible for your assault can be difficult without proper evidence. To prove that the defendant committed the rape or an act of sexual abuse, you will require a list of documents such as police reports, abuser's arrest records, police statements, transcripts of emergency calls, hospital/doctor's record, photos, etc. It may be difficult for you to gather these pieces of evidence all by yourself. Our attorney team will gather and compile evidence in support of your case on your behalf and work relentlessly to ensure that you receive a favorable outcome. 
  4. Favorable case outcome – Our attorneys will help you get reasonable compensation for your physical and emotional pain along with other types of damages. Our sexual abuse plaintiff attorney will fight hard to make sure that your defendant gets the legal penalty he/she deserves for the damages they have caused you. 
  5. Time to heal – Recovering from sexual abuse or rape can be extremely painful and can take a lot of time. We ask our clients to focus on getting better and recovering from the emotional trauma and physical injuries, while we take care of all the legal aspects. We understand that getting involved in the technicalities of your rape is the last thing you want to do. We try our level best to protect our clients' interests and wellbeing by handling the case with 100% sensitivity and confidentiality.

Do not hesitate to call our Fort Lauderdale sexual abuse lawyer to discuss your accident; do not let that physical and emotional pain destroy you. Contact us at 1-888-283-9922 to schedule a free consultation with Elana Goodman, a highly-successful sexual abuse attorney in Fort Lauderdale. Elana at Horowitz Law is a highly sought-after Fort Lauderdale sex abuse attorney, and she holds the assailants accountable for their crime and ensures that they pay the right penalty for their actions. 

Sexual Abuse Attorney Fort Lauderdale

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