Roundup Lawsuit Update

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Roundup Lawsuit Update

Roundup Lawsuit Update

You’ll find the latest Roundup lawsuit update when you visit Your Case Worth online. Bookmark our website and return for news and updates while they come in from around the country- and make sure to add your case with an upcoming class-action lawsuit to claim your share of the billions of dollars Monsanto is paying out to victims exposed to Roundup. Many experts believe Monsanto’s entire holdings will be liquidated to pay out for their criminal actions; the corporation has been charged with the following crimes of negligence as well as intentional activities, including crimes against humanity:

  • Falsifying scientific reports regarding their products, product engineering, and effectiveness
  • Intentionally forcing entire villages into bankruptcy
  • Selling genetically-modified seed that destroys soil after one or two harvests
  • Creating widespread famine in third-world countries
  • Failing to remove known carcinogens from the market to improve revenue
  • Perpetrating deceitful marketing campaigns

Who is Eligible For a Roundup Settlement?

Any person exposed to Roundup, no matter how much time has passed. While most lawsuits have a statute of limitations imposed upon them, the federal justice system decided early on to remove the statute of limitations on Monsanto claims to allow as many victims as possible to receive restitution for harm or damage. Even if it’s been decades since you were exposed to Roundup, or you’re filing on behalf of a loved one who died as the result of a medical condition linked Roundup exposure, it’s still possible to file a claim against Monsanto. Visit Your Case Worth for the most recent Roundup lawsuit update and stop back often for ongoing data and informative articles.

Should I File a Case Against Monsanto?

Understandably, victims of exposure to chemicals may want to give the manufacturer the benefit of the doubt before filing a claim in court. You should know that Monsanto had many opportunities over the years to do the right thing for their product’s consumers, bu pulling their product Roundup off of store shelves and compensate victims who were harmed through exposure. Instead of doing the right thing, Monsanto CEOs decided the billions of dollars they were raking in outweighed the millions of dollars they were forced to pay victims. They refused to remove Roundup from store shelves, even knowing it was killing consumers.

Assessing Your Case

At Your Case Worth, we believe Monsanto should pay every single victim who suffered needlessly due to exposure to Roundup. There is no question that their actions crossed the line between negligence and criminal behavior. In fact, they may still face a tribunal of their peers at some point in the future, similar to the Nuremberg Trials, when war criminals were brought to justice for crimes against humanity.

When and if a tribunal takes place, you’ll find out first on Your Case Worth when you revisit our site for the newest Roundup lawsuit update. If you believe you deserve compensation for harm caused by Roundup, send us your claim’s details or reach out to us through our website’s contact form.

Roundup Lawsuit Update
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