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Lawyer Criminal

Lawyer Criminal

What is a typical routine for a criminal defense attorney? There is no typical or customary practice for these professionals because everything depends on the caseload's specifics. On any day, criminal attorneys in Toronto could spend an entire day in the office or making trips between the courthouse and medical laboratory. The bottom line is that our lawyer criminal will defend anyone with a criminal charge and will maintain a generic routine no matter the conditions of the case.

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What does a criminal attorney do?

Defend a guilty person

No one is guilty until the court makes the ruling. Hence we can always represent you for your defense until the court proves otherwise. Top criminal defense lawyers in Toronto are not concerned with the morality of the case but the goal to get you a fair trial. A reasonable attorney still has a part to play even in cases where the client admits their crime. Our job is to strike an agreeable plea and fight charges that can become misdemeanors with competent representation.

Review the case

The criminal attorney reviews the case to offer you potential options of the outcome. We have a thorough factual and legal review of the case to find challenges and deficiencies that will affect the results. You can also expect the lawyer to examine the evidence and source of evidence by the defendant to see how best they can tweak the case to your favor.

We will explain the charges at the beginning and discuss the possible preferable outcomes. A clear explanation of criminal law in Toronto should let you know what to expect with the plea options and how the plea deal will affect the trial.


The best Toronto criminal lawyers offer objective advice to help you determine the best way of proceeding with the case. We explain the strengths and weaknesses and offer guidance on you can help us improve your defense. Examples are that you should not try going out of the state if the court will assume it is an attempt to run.

More so, it is damaging to sugarcoat the case's truth, with the blind hope that it will earn favor from the jury. We will insist on open communication throughout the case. Our objective is not to incriminate you but to analyze all the case details, so you have a winning case.

What can the criminal lawyer not do?

Robb MacDonald is the only person to tell confidential information if you want them to keep it private forever or use it to negotiate a better plea. Attorney-client confidentiality is one of the most significant privileges of professional legal representation. We are bound to operate within the law and offer the best legal counsel to favor your case. However, our overall goal is to uphold the law while prioritizing the client's freedom or justice. The only situations where we may not keep the information confidential include the following:

  • The information will prevent potential injury or death of someone.
  • Prevent the client from furthering the crime
  • The information needs more analysis by other legal professionals for better legal advice.

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