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Garnishment lawyer

Garnishment lawyer

Wage garnishment is more common than you may presume. Employees between the ages 35 and 44 will experience wage garnishment at some point in their tenure for various reasons like debt collection, child support, foreclosure debt, and tax levies.

Wage garnishment happens when the creditor sues the candidates for non-payment. How does the process happen? The court sends notices to the employer or bank, so the process can automatically begin within five or thirty days. The garnishment will continue until the full settlement of the debt, court fees, and interest. How much can a lawyer garnish your wages? There is no limit to the amount of wage garnishment deductions.

Tips for stopping a wage garnishment before it starts

The creditor must get a court order before they have a judgment to receive the amount from your payments. How can I fight a wage garnishment without a lawyer? In most cases, there is never a good reason to fight a wage garnishment case. However, it is beneficial to hire an attorney who will slow down the inevitable as you find alternative ways of settling the debt. The only exceptions are student loans and tax debts, which do not need an attorney to settle the lawsuit.

Benefits of hiring a garnishment lawyer

Prevent default judgment

Can you sue for wrongful garnishment? Answering the lawsuit prevents the default lawsuit outcome. Each state has a different court system for filing documents. The best way is to find out how much you need to pay file the right amount. The court will derail a default outcome when they receive your paperwork and open room for negotiating a different payment plan. The Law Office of William makes sure you present the right data to support your case.

Negotiate a payment plan

The best time to negotiate a payment plan is before you get a default judgment. Let us know how much you can afford to pay each month or to settle the entire debt. We may require you to fill out a questionnaire with details of your financial capability or submit documents to our office for analysis.

Challenge the garnishment

The court will order a garnishment and send copies to you and the employer. You will receive instructions on the best way to challenge the garnishment if you act quickly. The attorney knows the legal tips and tricks of negating a judgment within the provided limit of five business days.

File bankruptcy

Stopping the process is a temporary solution because most creditors will make sure they get back their money. You may need a completely new fresh start if you have several debt cases. It makes perfect sense for us to help you file for bankruptcy to end the process permanently. We are particularly helpful in filing bankruptcy for the wage garnishment of child support and alimony.

The wage garnishment process does not do much at putting you in the driver’s seat of the case. Can you stop a garnishment once it starts? You can try to challenge the case even after it starts with a competent lawyer who will give you more than one debt relief option. Contact the office on 914-559-9500 for a free consultation before you enter an eternal financial bind.


Garnishment lawyer

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