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All over the U.S., there are laws aimed at controlling the manufacturing, possession, use, and distribution of drugs. Federal legislation may differ from state legislation, but you can understand the difference with guidance from a Fort Worth drug attorney. We represent clients who have been charged with drug crimes in Texas, both at the state and federal level. So, if you’re facing charges for drug crimes, you need a strong attorney to protect your rights and defend your freedom—And that’s what we’ll do for you at Cole Paschall Law.

What are Controlled Substances?

Controlled substances are drugs whose distribution and use are tightly restricted by the government. Factors that go into deciding which drugs should be controlled include the potential for abuse, the psychological dependence liability, evidence of any pharmacological effect, and risk to the health of the public.

According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), this is the scheduling of various controlled substances:

  • Schedule I – These are drugs with no accepted medical use and with a high abuse risk. Examples of schedule I drugs are heroin, LSD, bath salts, ecstasy, and marijuana.
  • Schedule II – Drugs in this category have the potential to cause physical and physiological dependence, but they also have safe medical uses. Examples are cocaine and morphine.
  • Schedule III, IV, or V – These are substances that have a lesser risk of abuse, and are accepted for safe use in medicine. Some anti-anxiety and sedative medications such as Xanax and Valium fall in this category.

Consequences of Possessing Controlled Substances in Texas

There are different consequences for the possession, sale, and manufacture of illegal drugs in Texas. Punishments also differ from one drug to the other. The least penalty for possession is either a county jail term of up to a year, a fine not exceeding $4000, or both. A drug crime can be classified as a first-degree felony if huge amounts of drugs were involved, and one can face life imprisonment.

Cultivation or manufacturing of controlled substances can attract as little as 180 days in jail, to fines of up to $250,000, or even life in prison. Similar laws apply to drug trafficking in the state.

Can You Get Prosecuted for Having Drug Paraphernalia?

Being in possession of drug paraphernalia is also a chargeable crime in Texas. Drug paraphernalia are items used to enhance the production, usage, or trafficking of controlled substances. They include syringes, vaporizers, rolling paper, and gas masks.

Charges can range from Class C misdemeanors that come with a fine of $500, to a Class A crime that attracts fines up to $4000. Repeat offenders and those convicted of selling the paraphernalia to minors face stiffer punishments.

Protect Yourself in Court

Drug laws are complex and change every once in a while. That's why if you're charged with a drug crime, you should look for an experienced and tactful attorney to represent you. Having dealt with thousands of drug crime cases, we can offer a highly experienced and qualified Forth Worth drug attorney to aggressively defend you. Get in touch with us today on (817) 477-4100 for more details about how we’ll handle your case.

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