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Family Law Attorney Chula Vista

Family law deals with legal matters that have to do with family issues. Broaden Law LLP specializes in almost all family law practice areas. Our proficient Chula Vista family law lawyers are committed to upholding family law and delivering results for our clients. Our family law practice areas include, but are not limited to:

Dissolution Of Marriage

Here at Broaden Law LLP, we focus on helping our clients through the legal process of marriage dissolution. We provide skilled representation for the dissolution of marriage. In addition, we advise clients on their options — divorce, annulment, legal separation — and the different ways of achieving their goals, such as collaborative divorce, traditional litigation, and mediation. 

Child And Spousal Support

Child and spousal support is another area of family law we offer. Under the law, a judge in family court can order one spouse to provide child or spousal support to the other. It can be challenging for you if you have legal matters regarding child custody, child support, or something else. We're here to help ease your stress and guide you through the process to get the resolution you deserve. 

Child Custody And Parentage

When a couple with kids is going through a divorce or legal separation, the custody and parentage arrangements dictate physical custody, legal custody, and visitation. Here at Broaden Law LLP, we represent clients in all aspects of actions to establish or disestablish paternity, including parenting plans and child custody.

Settlement And Property Agreements

This is an agreement for certain rights, such as property division, before a marriage dissolution. This agreement is enforceable and is usually intended to safeguard one or both partners with financial assets. Here at Broaden Law LLP, we help clients with settlement and property agreements and can handle any high-net-worth asset.

Restraining Orders

Restraining Orders are used in domestic violence situations to protect a person from harm. It's issued by a judge and may be obtained if the person is enduring harassment, threats of violence, stalking, and violence from a partner or former partner. However, getting a restraining order requires knowledge of what constitutes restrainable conduct and how to present evidence of such conduct before the court properly. Our family law attorney in Chula Vista has the resources to protect you and your family.

Extended Family Law

We are dedicated to helping families with estate planning and protecting their loved ones. We offer estate planning, trust administration, and probate services. We also provide a wide range of services, from drafting wills and living trusts, health care directives, and durable powers of attorney to drafting complex estate plans for individuals with substantial estates who desire to maximize property transfers to their families.

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Here at Broaden Law LLP, we know that family law is burdened with social problems and extreme uncertainty. Our qualified Chula Vista Family Law Attorney is here to help you. Contact us today at 619-567-6845 to get a free legal consultation.




Family Law Attorney Chula Vista
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