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Experienced DWI Lawyer In Fort Worth

Driving while intoxicated is a great offense against the law, and any person found guilty of such misconduct could suffer a severe punishment under the law. Getting arrested for a DWI offense can tarnish one’s professional life, reputation, and beyond.

However, as an offender, you have the right to a fair trial and a vigorous defense. Mind you, it must be rightly done, and the experienced way thing to do is to confide in a Fort Worth DWI lawyer. Professional DWI lawyers know experienced due to their experience and are always ready to help. Many crucial reasons exist why you should hire a skilled attorney rather than representing yourself.

Do you presently need a DWI lawyer in Fort Worth? Cole Paschall Law is all you need. We’ve got the experience and expertise to defend any allegations leveled against you. Here are reasons why you should work with us;

  1. We Have Trial experience.

At Cole Paschall Law, we’ve familiarized ourselves with all drunk driving and traffic laws. We know the steps to take to get fines, penalties, and even jail time drastically reduced. Due to our long-term experience in the law terrains, we know the exact facts to present in the court of law to challenge the charges and evidence that will greatly help your case.    

Not only are we experts in our field, but we are also familiar with field sobriety tests, and we can determine whether or not the results are genuine. For instance, in cases where a breathalyzer test is a must since this test must carry legal certifications and maintenance records, we know how to extract vital information for use in favor of such cases.

  1. We Help Keep Your License.

Your drivers’ license gets seized immediately at the spot when arrested for DWI until further notice. You’ll be prohibited from driving throughout the entire period of your court proceedings. However, we can help get your charges reduced and secure back your license once the case is over.

You may lose your license for nearly a year from the case start date in the absence of a lawyer. And this can negatively affect your work, home, and even your social life. If you’ve been once convicted for the same crime, you could live without your license for even longer.

  1. We Pursue the Best Course of Action.

Since we’ve handled several DWI cases, we easily understand your case and determine your chances of getting sentenced. With this knowledge, we can guide you through the best course of action, whether to seek a pleas deal or to plead not guilty over the allegations.

  1. They will analyze everything.

Our decades of experience in DWI cases have exposed us to what every little aspect of any case could mean. We take our time to go over every little detail regarding the arrest, primarily by ensuring that the officer who got you arrested was in full compliance with the state law. If possible, we also try to find witness(es), if there were any, to verify and hear from them regarding the incident. Every bit of information gathered would play an essential role in maneuvering the case to your advantage, something you would never achieve when done alone.   


Never leave your DWI case to fate when you can seek and hire an experienced DWI lawyer in Fort Worth to mount a vigorous defense. Contact Cole Paschall Law for a consultation today: 8174774100.

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