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Dui In Georgia

Dui In Georgia

Georgia has strong DUI laws. It is easy to think you’re at your lowest point after being cuffed, put in jail, charged, and with your license suspended. You cannot let a small mistake ruin your entire life. You cannot risk hiring the cheapest lawyer or trying to self-assess your case. You need the best DUI attorney in Georgia by your side.

Everyone wants to get their DUI case dropped. Yet, mishandling a DUI case is easy and can have serious consequences. What to do when the police take you in, and you are charged? Here we’ll tell you.

Be quiet, and don’t consent to field sobriety tests

When you talk to the police beyond what the law requires, you to say (name and address) is a typical DUI in Georgia mistake. It can easily self-incriminate you, and the police officer will likely be wearing a microphone or a camera.

A common myth is thinking you are required to take roadside exercises or tests. They are entirely optional, and they can complicate your case easily; these tests are voluntary and are not considered scientific. Thus, they cannot be used as evidence in court. In fact, a roadside breathalyzer on a portable device is not regarded as forensic evidence. They are a preliminary, optional test. However, it can easily incriminate you even if it’s not accurate.

Don’t resist to arrest

This is a common mistake because you can turn your DUI into an obstruction of justice, which can easily be a felony if there is physical contact.  Don’t complicate your case even if you’re being mistreated.

Avoid getting your license suspended

The story with the post-arrest breath test or blood test, if drugs are suspected, is not optional. You can ask for your right to a criminal lawyer by your side, and this doesn’t constitute a refusal. After you take the police test, you have the right to take an independent test. However, refusing to take the test can lead you to a license suspension.

Act fast

First, don’t talk in jail. As usual, anything you say can be used against you. Don’t talk to anyone but your lawyer, and get one quick. You need the best DUI attorney in Georgia by your side to take you out of prison and working on dropping the charges and getting your license back quickly.

Don’t go for the cheapest option

This is a common temptation. DUI is not a frivolous matter. It will cost you a lot of money, opportunities, and your reputation if it’s not handled appropriately. If you go with a cheap lawyer, you will pay small legal fees, but it will cost you: you will have to pay a hefty fine, more money for car insurance, more money to get out of prison, and a never-ending etcetera of expenses. You need the best lawyer with you to leave this behind as soon as possible.

The best way to beat a DUI is by not putting yourself in that situation. If you made a mistake and find yourself in a DUI case, Call William C Head for a free legal consultation: 404-567-5515.

Dui In Georgia
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