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Drug Charge Lawyer Fort Worth

Cole Paschall Law is a leading drug charge lawyer in Fort Worth with over two decades of experience and a successful track record. Shawn is one of the very few board-certified attorneys in Texas who has helped reduce and even dismiss their clients' charges.

Can I change my attorney if I am unhappy with his/her representation?

Defendants who hire an attorney on their own can choose to fire them at any time and do not require the court's approval for that. The defendant does not have to justify their actions to the judge or the jury. After firing your current lawyer, you can either hire a new one or choose to represent yourself. There are costs involved in firing the existing attorney and getting a new one on the downside. In addition to paying the current lawyer for his services (whatever he/she has earner), you will also have to pay the new expert coming in.

Remember that you may only change lawyers as long as the case is moving on schedule or the prosecutor has issues with your decision. For instance, if you choose to hire a new attorney last minute so that the expert doesn't have enough time to prepare for the trial, the prosecutor may oppose such a decision, and the judge may deny your request as a result. 

What happens after an arrest?

Once you are in custody, you can expect your arraignment (initial court appearance) within two or three days. At your court appearance, the government will read out the charges against you.

The prosecution attorney may not make a final decision on your charges until the preliminary hearing, which can happen a month after your arrest. Schedule a free consultation with a leading drug charge lawyer in Fort Worth for more details on what happens during an arraignment process.

Benefits of hiring a drug charge lawyer

Hiring a drug attorney like James Lassiter is pivotal to improve the chances of receiving a favorable case outcome and avoid harsh sentencing and penalties. Some of the benefits to hiring a criminal defense attorney are:

  • Plea bargaining - Your attorney will negotiate with the prosecutor and request a favorable plea bargain for you, resulting in reduced charges in the process.
  • Trial participation - A criminal lawyer can fight for your rights during the trial, examine witnesses, cross-examine state’s witnesses, convince the jury and the judge to provide you with a favorable judgment.
  • Sentencing - A criminal attorney can represent you during the sentencing phase, put forth arguments that can convince the judge and jury to limit the amount of time you serve in prison, or can get you a reduced punishment instead of incarceration.

Are you arrested or charged with a crime? Call (817) 477-4100 to schedule a consultation with our experienced criminal defense attorney, Shawn W. Paschall, at Cole Paschall Law. With over 20 years of experience, Shawn is a board-certified drug charge lawyer in Fort Worth specializing in sex crimes, expungement, probation revocation, domestic violence, and drug charges.

Drug Charge Lawyer Fort Worth
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Drug Charge Lawyer Fort Worth
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