Criminal Law in East Ridge TN

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Criminal Law in East Ridge TN

Criminal Law in East Ridge TN

Thank goodness that there are professionals who practice criminal law in East Ridge, TN. Most decent, law-abiding citizens go through life thinking that only bad people end up in criminal court. Then, one day, they find themselves in cuffs, standing in front of a judge. How does it happen? Well, it can happen in a number of ways depending on the individual and his or her circumstances.

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Something as simple as having one-too-many drinks at a cocktail party can lead to a criminal record. Indeed, many of our clients at Olivencia and Cribben Law Office have never had an arrest before the one that lands them in our law office. They might be in their thirties or forties when they get picked up for a DUI for the first time. Their vehicle gets impounded, they get taken to jail, and now they have a criminal case.

Other times, good people make bad choices. It could be a heat of the moment crime or a crime of passion. Maybe someone disrespected a man's wife, and the man put his hands on the fellow. Now, this otherwise good and honest, law-abiding and tax-paying citizen has a violent criminal offense on his record - at least, he will have if he gets convicted.

You don't need a vivid imagination to think of several other scenarios where a good person can make a bad choice in the blink of an eye or be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yet, that split-second decision could have lifelong ramifications.

Your Case is a Race Against the Clock

If you or someone you love has been charged with a crime, every moment matters! From the moment a person is arrested or from the moment a person may think that a case is going to be filed against them; one of our experienced criminal lawyers can be working to prove their innocence. Whether that means accessing surveillance cameras that may be erased or deleted after a week or whether it means talking to live witnesses; it's extremely important to get an attorney on those matters as soon as you can.

We Expert Lawyers who Practice Criminal Law in East Ridge, TN

When a person hires Olivencia & Cribben to serve as their criminal defense lawyers, they are getting the advantage of our experience, intimate knowledge of the law, expertise, and our relationships with area judges and DAs.

When you choose the legal representation of Olivencia & Cribben, you're not just getting a plea bargain lawyer. At our law office, our partners are experienced criminal defense trial lawyers. We'll be by your side from arraignment to trial.

Of course, depending on the needs and preferences of our clients, along with recommendations from our law firm, we can also usually get exceptional deals for clients who wish to plead guilty, partly because of those professional relationships we've cultivated within the legal community of East Ridge, TN.

Criminal Law in East Ridge TN
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